In recent years in-ear headphones have largely replaced traditional earphones on the market. A majority of people switch out their bundled headphones for a set of in-ear buds, preferring the ability to block out the sounds of the world on their commute to work. Companies put a lot of their time into developing in-ear headphones nowadays and the only earphones still about are usually very cheap and therefore predictably provide awful sound quality. But where does this leave those that prefer standard earphones?

Some people just aren’t happy with jamming something into their ear canal and frequently find themselves with fewer options to upgrade the often lacklustre option that comes with their smartphone. Fortunately, Sennheiser provides a cheap, good quality alternative to in-ears with the MX475’s, with a couple of drawbacks.

The MX475’s sacrifice pretty much everything else in favour of giving excellent sound quality for under £20. There is no in-line microphone or volume control so you’ll have to reach into your pocket if you want to change the volume or answer a call. Another, seemingly picky gripe is that the headphone jack is right-angled, meaning it won’t work with some phone cases and occasionally may simply unplug itself when pocketing your device if angles aren’t in your favour.

So think of it purely as a method of listening to music and there’s very little to hate. The MX475’s have excellent sound quality for the price that provides a pleasant listening experience whether your genre of choice is country, rap or heavy metal. The bass these earphones provide is surprisingly powerful given their small size and dwarf what’s offered by bundled headphones such as Apple’s EarPods. They also have a small bump on the left headphone, a cute little feature for telling which side is which. This is a great idea for someone with visual difficulties or anyone that finds themselves in a situation where it’s simply too dark and you need to listen to music there and then.

If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones and aren’t comfortable with wearing the ear canal variety then I would certainly recommend the MX475’s are a great alternative. They’re around £20 in HMV so won’t break the bank if you’re particularly strapped for cash and the sound they pump out definitely feels higher value than that. If you can live without volume control and don’t mind answering calls the old fashioned way, the MX475’s are a smart choice.